Resistance training

Mental resistance is the key factor in our effectiveness. Published research from around the world has shown that resistance to mental stress accounts for 25% of the effectiveness between people. People who possess the characteristics of resistance to stress handle the professional sphere with ease and great efficiency. They show greater commitment, have a more positive attitude, are more assertive as well as willing to take up new challenges.
So what is it that one can do to not fall victim to pressure and stress? Why do some people cope well with stressors and pressures, and others seem unable to do so?

This training will allow the participants to:

  • Develop practical skills in strengthening their mental resilience, they will also learn how to influence their attitude and reaction, so that they function efficiently.
  • Develop an ability to manage their emotions under pressure, learn techniques minimizing pressure and stress not only in short-term situations but also in long-term personal growth.
  • Increase productivity by effectively coping with pressure and challenges.
  • Have an opportunity to measure their mental resistance with the help of the MTQ48 questionnaire, the first proven tool for measuring mental strength and resistance.
  • Master the skills of identifying as well as changing negative thoughts and beliefs automatically, instead of allowing them to limit their potential and opportunities .
  • Recognize their strengths and weaknesses; learn how to build on their resources.
  • Learn how to take action with a greater sense of determination and consequence, adapt specific strategies in eliminating weak will and a drop in motivation.
  • Get to know how to develop habits that are directed in increasing their effectiveness.


1. Resistance to stress and pressure vs effectiveness
  • Mental resistance as a key factor in employee effectiveness.
  • What are the benefits and advantages of enhancing mental strength and resistance?
  • Focus on strengthening positive behaviors as a factor in influencing professional success.
2. Understanding the mental resistance model - Conception 4 C
  • Model 4C, meaning what 4 elements determine your mental resistance?
    • Control
    • Commitment
    • Challenge
    • Confidence
3. Mental resistance measurement.
  • Discussing the results of the mental resistance measurements, which are based on the previously filled out MTQ48 questionnaire.
  • Becoming aware of our own resources: Our strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to turn your “weaknesses” into your advantages?
4. Stress and emotions-how to deal with them?
  • The essence, origin and complexity of stress response
  • Stress and emotion, the mechanism that drives them
  • The source and symptoms of stress and its chronic tension
  • Alleviate the symptoms of stress or strengthen the resistance to stress and pressure?
  • Change as a stress factor.
  • Identifying the main factors which cause stress
  • Recognizing one’s own pattern of responding to difficult situations.
5. How to strengthen and develop mental resistance?
  • Mental strength and resistance as a self-management skill – how to improve and develop it?
  • How does our individual approach or attitude determine our behavior?
  • How to react to challenges, changes, stress, pressures and difficulties?
  • How to enhance perseverance while achieving goals?
  • How to „protect oneself” and maintain mental distance?
6. Challenges and difficulties at work – How to manage them?
  • Internal blocks – overcoming internal resistance.
  • How to break the restrictive beliefs, and strengthen the mobilizing and motivating ones to action and proactivity.
  • Methods to tackle personal limitation with restrictive thoughts.
  • The key to perseverance and resistance so as not to resign at the first obstacle and to achieve set goals.
7. Strategy in building resistance – practical mental training
  • How to build habits aimed at strengthening one’s own resistance?
  • In the search of balance – the influence of lifestyle in enhancing energy: rest and sleep, physical exercise and breathing exercise
  • Automotive techniques
  • My personal plan of action: What I will begin doing? What I will refrain from doing? What will be my first step?

We provide:

  • A thorough analysis of the needs of the trainees.
  • Training material for every participant.
  • A proactive form of training which involves applying practical exercises in enhancing the participants skills.
  • Individual consultations throughout the training.
  • An opportunity to take advantage of consultations after the training course.
  • A certificate of completion for every participant.
  • Training performed by a licensed Mental Toughness consultant.
  • Online access to the MTQ48 questionnaire in addition to an extensive developmental report describing the results obtained and outlining ways of improving strength and resistance.


  • Those working in demanding environments or exposed to stress and pressure
  • Willing to handle stress in the professional sphere with ease and great efficiency
  • Willing to increase their performance in a professional context
  • Willing to adopt a possitive mind-set and more contentment

Training methods:

  • TEST MTQ48 – This is an innovative, scientifically proven tool to measure mental resistance, which aims to support managers and employees in increasing efficiency at work, especially in demanding environments that are exposed to stress and pressure. The participants fill-out a psychometric test, consisting of 48 questions. The outcome of the test indicates what the level of resistance is in the following areas; emotional control, sense of well-being, commitment, response to challenges, and self-confidence.
  • Individual and group activities
  • Training game: Building Mental Toughness
  • Small group discussions
  • Short lectures